Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keuka Lake

Do you like your in-laws? I completely adore mine. Jake's family feels like my family and his cousin and aunt just sent us these great pictures of our trip. I look forward to this every year and I think this was the best trip we've had. The weather was 90-100 degrees every day with beautiful blue skies, a nice breeze and an almost entirely private pebble beach. If we had been in Rochester I would have been suffocating from the heat, but luckily we were 20-feet from the beach! We played euchre most nights after making smores by the fire. Every night a different group cooked dinner. We lounged the day away reading, swimming, canoeing, biking and hiking. It was heaven.

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Nicki said...

It is so awesome that you are loving the heck outta your summer! I am in a slight depression that August 31st is just around the bend!

I love my in-laws but can do without some of them. Well, not all of my in-laws...some I just like, not love. Or is it that I love them but don't like them? Maybe that I just tolerate them but for the most part, they are my family and I love them. Sometimes. Most of the time. Ugh...